About Us

About Himaja Construction and Real Estate Company in Vijayawada

Vision Statement

The Himaja Constructions Pvt. Ltd  is a highly effective Real Estate team that is committed to our current and past clients. Its provides a memorable experience in their real estate transaction by offering the highest level of customer service. The experience that our clients undertake will be filled with full of satisfaction. And will be a positive experience that they will remember for years to come. We do this in an effort to become one of the top Real Estate teams in the state.

Values Statement

Clients of the team are most top priority. We will  ensure that every client who works with a member of our team will be taken care of. Our company believe in honesty, integrity and will accept responsibility for our actions at all times. We will not be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I can find out”. We believe that every person has been given an opportunity to own a home and will do our best to help them accomplish their goal.

NRI Desk

Land development and housing projects have undergone tremendous changes in the last decade owing to the fact that most of the clients who are looking for homes or a residential piece of land are well traveled and most of them have lived a life of luxury abroad. Infact at Himaja Constructions Pvt. Ltd. we aim to please this segment of globe trotting community generally known as the Non Resident Indians (NRI’s).A large segment of existing clients are NRI’s who think of returning back to their respective cities. And see to have a home that can allow them the same lifestyle as before.

Usually their  dreams and foreseek search’s ends at one of the residential projects in Himaja Constructions Pvt. Ltd.The quality of infrastructure is eco-friendly and measures the abundance of greens,  its on  security  premises, entertainment and the carefully planned garden and open spaces are the hallmarks of a Himaja Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Development projects. A substantial amount of our clientele has always appreciated this fact and foresight when they purchase a plot or a house in any of our projects.

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